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  • Humming Birds On Branches 1200 x 600 mm

    Humming Birds On Branches 1200 x 600 mm

    By: Donna Thomson
    I just put this decal up on my wall, having removed some older ones I've had up there for a while. It looks FANTASTIC!! It was quite easy to apply, too - just requires a credit card and a little patience!! When ordering, I wasn't entirely sure about the chocolate brown branches, but the colour really works. It's much softer than the black of my previous decals, yet still strong enough to be very effective on a light coloured wall. Thanks, stickee.com.au people!!

  • Fruity Tree 870 x 1000 mm

    Fruity Tree 870 x 1000 mm

    By: Mrs Rachel Lees
    I've just stuck my Fruity Tree Stickee in my kitchen on a vacant bit of wall between the stove-top splash back and a door and wow, it looks amazing. I'm so thrilled - the wall was blank and needed something but post kitchen renovation we couldn't afford to buy a painting. It stuck on well and is beautifully detailed - it looks like it's growing up from the stone benchtop. My husband was dubious and thought it would look cheap, but it actually looks really cool and glamorous; a real feature of the kitchen! A brilliant product.
  • Birds On A Wire (1.2M Wide)

    Birds On A Wire (1.2M Wide)

    By: Amanda Wilson
    Recommend you cut out the pieces and blue tack them onto the wire before sticking them, to get a feel for where/how you want the birds to sit. Looks better if it runs off the edge of a wall or inbetween a space where the 'wire' fits end to end.
  • Bird Cage 300 x 460 mm

    Bird Cage 300 x 460 mm

    By: Ashleigh Broadbent
    The rod needs to be longer so you can customise it to your ceiling height/where it hangs on your wall