About Us

stickee Wall Decals ...

How did we come about? Well we are a husband and wife partnership that love to decorate our house, like most young homeowners in Australia. This may sound like cliché but the idea was dreamt up on a boring weekend, sitting around on the sofa. Yes. We were staring at our blank walls wondering how we can change the appearance of them to give our visitors that WOW factor (we like to show off) at the next party. We’ve used stencils and paint on our walls but it seemed like a lot of effort to put up each time. Not to mention the hours we spent taking them off when we grew tired of the design, was painful. We thought there has got to be a better way to do this. One year later stickee was created and from spending hours transforming your walls with paint it can be changed in a matter of minutes with our removable decals. There is none of the mess and hassles that come with painting. You just peel and stick your decals directly onto the walls. How simple is that?